Toadstool Mushroom Wall Hanging Art Quilt.

Mushrooms in the Woods: A Fabric Art Adventure

Toadstool Mushroom Wall Hanging Art Quilt.
Toadstool Mushroom Wall Hanging Art Quilt.

Mushrooms In the Woods: A Fabric Art Adventure 

Many of you know that I like to spend time in and with nature.  My daughters affectionally call me the “Pocahontas” of the family and know that I can easily wander off into the beauty of my surroundings and forget which direction I am turning. On this particular walk in the woods, I did get a little bit lost and my girls were not there to help me find the way out. However, lost as I was, I spotted a clump of mushrooms and my thoughts turned to how I could recreate those mushrooms with fabric art. My mind began to imagine these mushrooms being magical and bright fitting into my favorite color palettes. I wanted to carry some out with me but chose to leave them with nature.

Now, where is that path back home? I remained calm, picked up only a few ticks, and arrived home exhausted. Of course I was not too tired to start a plan for a walk inspired, mushroom quilt. From being lost on a path to the magic of a finished mushroom quilt, “Pocahontas” had completed the adventure.

If you are interested in this colorful art piece for your home or as a gift, more information can be found HERE. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to bring a touch of woodland wonder to your life.

Please comment about some inspiring adventures that you have had in the woods.  

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